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Insurance $61 CPC - High CPC Keywords Case Study

Insurance $61 CPC - High CPC Keywords Case Study

Insurance $61 CPC - High CPC Keywords Micro Niche Blog:

Insurance $61 CPC - High CPC Keywords Case Study, this case study looks at the top search keywords used for a campaign run against a major insurance company, the keywords used were very specific but there were no other keywords found used in the same search that ranked as highly, Insurance was the best keyword campaign we have seen where there has been a low volume of impressions but a high click volume.

The company will only be able to sell insurance if it can convince the customers to purchase their product, their ability to convince customers to purchase their product will be based on the keywords that are used, Insurance keyword analysis is very important, Insurance keywords are usually based on their coverage area and the type of coverage they offer.

The client was a large insurance company that was offering the client a CPC on all of their keywords, the client was running a CPC campaign on the keywords but they were not getting any sales, their CPC was under $2 and they were losing money on every keyword, on the client’s first call with Search Engine Optimization services, we were able to quickly identify that the keywords were all very closely related.

Insurance is a $61 CPC search term that we were able to capture on our site over the last 7 days, we have a mix of $61 CPC searches, but the majority of it is $6 CPC or less,

The Insurance Industry has a range of keywords and SEO tactics that make sense to a number of keyword variations. In some ways, this makes the industry interesting to look at because it has a range of variables, with the insurance industry, the keywords that you would use would depend upon the client. For example, if you were a health insurance company, you would probably choose a variety of keywords that were related to health insurance.

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There are many websites that can be utilized to obtain high traffic,  one of the most popular of these is SEO,  in this case, the word “insurance” would be the key phrase, and all pages on that site that have that word would be indexed and made searchable by Google,  keyword-specific SEO is the most popular method of achieving this goal at the moment.

The use of micro niche sites has become popular with internet marketers who use it to target a specific niche of search terms and keywords in order to promote and sell their products and services online. While most bloggers use free blog hosting services, hosting can be tricky since they are not designed for commercial purposes. Many of the more popular free blog sharing services offer premium accounts that are more desirable for internet marketers. 

The popularity of the micro niche blog hosting service has seen a substantial increase since it was introduced, with many more people signing up for accounts.

There are a number of different ways to incorporate blogging into your business.  Many business owners choose to use the free blogging services that can be accessed through their blog posts.  

Blogging is a good way to attract new potential clients who want to learn about your services and products, blogging is also a great way to stay in touch with clients and potential clients and build your business. 
Insurers have been slow to adopt the internet as a tool for marketing, and the insurance industry has a poor reputation for being slow to innovate.  

According to a recent study, it was found that insurers in the United States are spending about half as much money as they were in 2000 on online marketing.  According to the report, online marketing had grown about six times as fast as the insurance industry. (Greenstein, 2018)  But for them to get the most out of online marketing, they will have to adopt the internet and its tools as a way to get to the customers. (

I know that insurance companies like to rank the content on the website. I think it is easy to rank for high CPC keywords on a blog in a niche. And it is also easy to build authority and rank for high CPC keywords on a blog. Because the content is only in one niche.