Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger

Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger



Make Multi Tools Website On Blogger With Emexee Mega Tools

Blogger/BlogSpot is the best platform for the SEO tools website because it is free and easy to use. It is also easy to configure the SEO tools blog, So I would like to recommend a Blogger for an SEO tools website, You can make an SEO tools website on blogger for free, An SEO tools blog can help its readers to use and find out the latest SEO tools, They will be able to get the latest information on SEO tools and how SEO tools can be used in different ways for promoting websites and blogs, The main purpose of SEO tools is to help people with their features and to provide them with all the latest information about SEO tools. It will also provide the users with the latest updates on what is happening in the SEO tools world and what is new and trending.

The job of all SEO tools is to help you get your website to the top of the search, google in google's search engine rankings by providing you with the right keywords that are highly relevant to your site's content. By using SEO tools, you can get your site ranked higher in google's search engine, which will ultimately increase your site's visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger is a free SEO tools script that makes multiple SEO tools website on blogger in a single clone script. Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger is a free clone SEO tools script that can be used for multiple purposes, We have a wide range of professional SEO tools that can be used for creating a multiple SEO tools website on blogger for free. Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger has multiple features and is compatible with the Blogger / Blogspot platform.

Make multiple SEO tool websites on blogger with our free Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger. if you want to create your own multiple SEO tools website on blogger with our free blogger mega SEO tools then you are on the right page, here we are providing you a free blogger mega SEO tools script with which you can easily create multiple SEO tools websites with just one click very easily.

In this list of SEO tools, we have listed the most important SEO tools and other powerful google search console tools for BlogSpot that can be used with BlogSpot to create an SEO tool website. With the help of Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger, you can create many types of websites on the blogger platform with just a click, Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger is a simple and easy SEO tool script.

In our SEO tools script, the best tools for SEO are included these best tools for SEO help users to analyzing a website, Our SEO tools script has many useful SEO tools like seochecker, google webmaster tool, website tool google, google's search engine tools, google search console tools and more tool for SEO.

Please note that we don't host any script on our server, we provide fresh scripts. We don't hold any responsibility for any type of problem. Please use these tools at your own risk. We don't promote hacking or spamming here.

Mobile Responsive Test

Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger

Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger is fully mobile responsive and very fast. it is the best tool script for BlogSpot, you can get your blogger SEO tool website fully responsive just in a minute, Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger will help you to make your own responsive SEO tools website on blogger in a minute.

List of Tools Includes in Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger?

1- Keyword Planner

Keyword planner tool for blogger website is an amazing Keyword planner tool that assists blogger to get better ranking in search engine. Keyword planner tool provides you the information about the competition, difficulty, CPC value, traffic, and other useful information. The keyword planner tool also provides you the suggestions on how to optimize your blog, increase website traffic, make money from your blog. So Keyword planner tool is a very useful tool for bloggers, Our keyword planner works the same as google's keyword planner.

2- Instagram Hashtag Generator

The Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool is used to generate the most relevant Instagram hashtags for a given piece of text or post and like for Instagram, Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool provides suggestions for alternative hashtags to use for your post depending on the hashtag’s popularity, Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool also suggests tags for you to use to maximize your post’s reach and like for Instagram, Instagram Hashtag Generator Tool will suggest hashtags based on the type of post you are making.

3- Keyword Finder

The keyword generator tool uses keywords and phrases to create a Blogspot blog post, account, and tags for youtube, also known as a keyword research tool, A blogger account will allow you to have a website where you can post your content, and share it with other people who want to read your content, You can simply type in the keywords and phrases you want to use in keyword generator tool, and click generate keywords. The keyword generator tool will automatically generate a blogger tool free of charge, with no cost to you.

4- Keyword Density Checker

It’s a fact that SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most important aspects of marketing your website. The more you know about your website’s SEO, the better results you will see. Keyword density is a very important factor in making sure your website is ranked well, By using our Keyword Density Checker you can easily see how many times each keyword appears on each page, Our Keyword Density Checker tool provides you perfect results.

5- Google SERP Checker

A Google SERP checker is a tool that checks how high a website appears on the google search engine result page, and the timeline of google, Google SERP checker is a simple SERP checker tool script that provides you to create a google SERP checker in blogger/, This google SERP checker will work for any website First, create a blogger account, then register a domain name and create a free blogger blog.

6- Bing SERP Checker

This is a quick and easy tool to check the top 10 in Bing for a keyword. It simply calls a search and checks the top 10 results. The output is a table with the rank in the left column and the URL, title, and description of the page in the right column. When you view one of these pages in a browser, you can click on any of the links in the right column to get to that page.

7- Search Queries Checker

Search Queries Checker tool will help you to know how many people are searching your specific keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Search Queries is based on the keywords you enter, Search Queries will show you the monthly search volume for each of the keywords, If you want to know the number of searches for an exact match, enter the -exact- a keyword in the search box.

8- Indexed Pages Checker

Indexed Pages Checker tool allows you to check indexed pages of your site and sites of your competitors, Indexed Pages Checker is a very helpful tool for SEO and webmasters, The Indexed Pages Checker Tool is simple to use and has many features that will help you check how many pages of your website are indexed in Google, You can also see how many pages are indexed in Google for your competitors.

9- Alexa Rank Checker

The Alexa rank checker script is used to check the Alexa rank of your site. The rank is updated every 24 hours, To check the ranking of your site, enter your website URL in the bar and click on "Check My Rank", The script will open a pop-up window with the current Alexa rank of your site.

10- High-Quality Backlinks Checker

High-Quality Backlinks Checker is a tool for checking link popularity on your website. It is an effective way to check which pages are linking to your site, where they are coming from, and the anchor text they are using. It also comes with a large number of reports that make the analysis of link popularity easier.

11- New Backlinks Checker

How many times have you been looking for a new backlinks checker tool to monitor your website search engine ranking status? Then, you have to try out the new backlinks checker tool. This new backlinks checker tool is a new tool that was just launched on the web. This new backlinks checker tool is a powerful and effective SEO tool that will help you

12- Poor Backlinks Checker

The main purpose of this blogger tool is to help bloggers to get more backlinks from other websites. When a new blogger gets started, he/she might not get a lot of backlinks from other bloggers or from website owners. This tool will help the blogger to find out which websites are linking to them (and how many), and where they can go to get more backlinks. 

13- Top Referrers Checker

This tool allows you to check to see which of your blog's referrers are the most popular. Includes a list of random pages from your blog and a tool that allows you to see a page's history and a page's top referrers. This tool is a great way to compare the stats from different blogs to see which one is performing better.

14- Crawlability Test

Crawlability Test checker is a free tool to check whether a website is crawlable or not. Users can put the website URL and check if it is crawlable or not. This tool is good for checking the crawlability of the new websites and it can be used by new and experienced webmasters. If you want to know how type-in traffic works, this tool will tell you everything about the website.

15- Mobile Support Test

Mobile Support Test Tool to check your website or blog is mobile-friendly. Mobile Support Test Tool will check your website or blog for pages that are not mobile-friendly. When visiting a nonmobile-friendly blog, you will be redirected to a mobile-friendly blog where the test will be performed. If you are redirected to a mobile-friendly blog, you will know that your blog is ready for mobile users.

16- Headers Test

The headers Test tool is a blogger tool that helps in testing the working of header in blogger blog. It is useful when you are trying to change your header. This tool will show the result of your header before you actually publish it. This tool is very useful in checking the header in a blogger blog.

17- Competition Test

a competition test tool is a tool that allows you to test your website for competitiveness and how many results it will rank for on Google and Yahoo, competition test tool allows you to test your blog for compatibility with Adsense and Google Analytics.

18- Link Analysis Tool

The link analysis tool for blogger is a tool that allows blogger users to easily find out the number of links pointing to a certain site and more. The link analysis tool is a link analysis tool for blogger that is simple and can be used right from the post editor. Here, you can see some of the links that I have on my blog from this post. The link analysis tool can be used from the blogger post editor as well as from the toolbar.

19- Extract Meta Tags

The meta tag extracting tool will look through your entire blog and extract all of the meta tags we talked about in class. These include title, description, keywords, as well as any links embedded in your page. The tool will store them in a new spreadsheet, and also within the page itself using the "rel" attribute. The tool doesn't just look for links in links, but also links in image tags and link tags (used for footnotes and endnotes).

20- Sitemap Status Checker

Checking the sitemap of any website is very important for search engine optimization. Google works on the basis of indexing all the pages of your website. If your sitemap is not updated, you are not allowing Google to index all the pages on your website. This is the reason why it is important to check if your sitemap is updated or not.

21- Website Speed Test Tool

Website speed is an important factor for the success of any website. Google page speed is a tool that helps you test your site’s speed and performance and provides recommendations to make your site faster. It uses a set of rules to evaluate your site’s performance and the most common recommendations to speed up your site. Website speed is an important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

22- Robots.txt Generator Tool

Robots.txt Generator Tool: To add an exclusion on a website, you will use the Robots.txt file. The Robots.txt file is used on websites that provide search engine assistance to crawl and index their content. The Robots.txt file is a text file and is readable by the search engines and web crawler program of your choice. The Robots.txt file allows you to exclude certain sites from being crawled and indexed by robots.

23- Sitemap Generator Tool

Sitemap Generator Tool on Blogger - Blogger's free pages mapping tool that helps you collect pages from your blog. It allows you to create a sitemap that you can use for backlinks and search engine optimization. There are a few limitations, but it is a pretty handy tool to have in your toolbox! If you have any questions or comments about this script, please feel free to let me know

24- Online Sitemap Submitter Tool

Make an online tool that submits sitemaps to competitors' blogs and tracks the results. Choose a list of competitors' blogs and create a list of keywords that describe the purpose of your sitemap. Generate a sitemap with the keywords and submit to the competitor's blogs. Keep track of how many hits you get from each site and calculate the effectiveness of the keywords you used.

25- Easy Meta Tags Generator Tool

Meta tags are very important for your websites, they are used in the HTML head section, they are also known as meta keywords, meta descriptions, meta author,s, etc... Here I am going to share an easy Meta Tags Generator Tool. This tool is very useful for beginners in blogging. You can easily generate meta tags for your websites by just filling in some details about your website. This is a very easy tool just download this tool and start using it.

26- HTML To XML Parser Code Converter

This is the conversion of an HTML file to an XML file. It can be used to extract data from an HTML file and use it in another application. This conversion is used to extract the data from an HTML file and display it in an XML file. This is not the only program that can extract data from an html_file, but it is easy to use and can read many different formats of HTML files.

27- Internet Speed Test Tool

This tool is very helpful when you want to check the internet speed on your computer. It will give you speed test results in bits per second and kilobits per second. When you launch the tool, it will give you a warning that your PC might need to restart and connect to the internet in order for the test to run and give accurate results. This is because it reads your connection and gets your IP address in order to give you the results.

28- YouTube Tag Extractor Tool

YouTube Tag Extractor Tool Example: This tool will extract all YouTube tags in content, so you can easily search by tags on Google Search Engine. This tool will also help you to create new youtube tags on your website. You can also generate YouTube video links that you can use on your website. So it's better to use this tool before creating new videos on YouTube.

29- Sourcecode Formatter Tool

The source code formatter tool is a script that will reformat code on a web page. It removes all the unnecessary whitespace and inserts proper indentation and new lines, making the code more readable and easier to understand. This is a great tool for web developers and programmers to use. This script will work on any page, including ones with PHP or other script code, and it will also work on files that are uploaded to the blogger or another blog 

30- Gradient Color Picker Tool

Gradient color picker tool for a blog post. It is a simple script written in PHP/HTML, with a simple interface to save the colors you have picked. At moment it can only store 8 colors, but it's easy to add more. It's written with the intention of being used on a blog, but it can also be used with a personal webpage.

31- WEBP Image Converter

This script will convert an image to a webp image type, typically resulting in smaller file size, and typically faster loading time. This tool is very useful for webmasters that need to save space on their web servers, but also for webmasters that want to increase the speed at which their images load.

32- Rainbow Text Effects Maker

This tool is for those who want to easily create rainbow text effects on their blogs, webpages, and other websites. This tool helps you to easily change the color scheme of your blog or website to match any scheme or mood you want. You can use this tool to make your blog and website look more colorful and stylish by adding beautiful and attractive rainbow text to it. It's really easy to use and no technical knowledge is needed.

33- QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is a QR code generator that renders a barcode that can be used to identify any product or service. The code produced by this tool is a three-dimensional barcode, which is a type of matrix code. This code is a more efficient and accurate way to identify a product or service compared to using a four-dimensional barcode. This is because it is based on a two-dimensional space.

34- Favicon and Logo Maker

A favicon is a small icon that appears next to a website's name or URL in a browser. The favicon is either displayed on the browser's toolbar or attached to the end of the URL. With this tool, you can create your own favicons and logos using common graphics programs like Photoshop or Gimp. You can also make a favicon and logo for your blog using the Favicon and Logo Maker tool by adding your own picture and choosing a color scheme.

35- Word Counter Tool

a comprehensive list of the most common social media tools for bloggers. The word counter tool determines how many times a given word or phrase has been used in an article. It also allows you to compare two documents to see which one has more instances of a given word or phrase. If you are trying to optimize your keywords for search engines, this is a great tool that helps you to do that without having to do the work yourself.

36- Voice To Text Typing Tool

Voice to text converter tool is the best way to communicate with your friends and family. This tool will convert your voice to text and also send it to your friends and family. It doesn't matter if you are running out of time or not able to type anything, this tool will definitely help you. You can use this tool anywhere without any problem.

37- Privacy Policy Generator

This script generates a privacy policy, which is a legal statement that discloses to website visitors what personal information you collect, and how you use and share it, Privacy Policy Generator. Generate a privacy policy for your website instantly. Check if you are in compliance with privacy laws.

38- Terms and Conditions Generator

Terms & Conditions Generator is an experimental script that creates Terms & Conditions for websites. The script allows the user to select which terms they wish to include in the T&Cs, which are then automatically generated in a layered format. The tool is aimed at designers, developers, and even lawyers who are interested in finding alternative legal language for their products. It can be used in conjunction with mock-ups to create a user experience around the Terms & Conditions.

39- Disclaimer Generator

Disclaimer Generator tool for blogging on This tool will generate a disclaimer for posting onto your blog so as to protect yourself from any legal issues you may encounter. This tool is copyrighted and the author is not responsible for any content you post using this tool. For all legal issues, please seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law.

40- Affiliate Link Disclosure Generator

Affiliate Link Disclosure Generator is a tool that will give you the code of HTML you need to disclose your affiliate links on your blog. When you use an affiliate link to link to a product (including books, music, DVDs, etc.), this simple tool will generate the HTML needed to make your link readable by all visitors, not just by people who have a certain browser. This way you will be sure to comply with FTC rules.

41- About Us Page Generator

About us page generator is a website that allows you to create a simple but professional-looking about us page in a few clicks. The generator is configurable and you can change the design as well as text using different options. If you want to learn more about how this script works, take a look at the wiki page. The page is fully responsive and will look great on mobile devices.

42- YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Tool

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Tool is a free online tool that provides an easy way to download YouTube thumbnails. This tool is super easy to use. You just need to copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download the thumbnail form, paste it in the box provided, and click on the "Download Thumbnail" button. You can also specify the image format that you want to download by clicking on the "Select Format" button.

43- YouTube HD Video Downloader

YouTube Downloader is a free online service that allows users to download YouTube videos in different formats. This service is free of advertisements, malware, and any other sort of annoying thing. It is very easy to use and does not require a download client or a special browser. All that one needs to do is type in the URL of the video they want to download and press on the “Download” button.

44- Fancy Fonts Generator

Fancy fonts are cool. Just follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to make your blog look amazing. You can change your blog's font to any font you like. No programming is required, make a tool that generates a fancy font. You can use lettering.js for this. It will be a tool to generate a fancy font from the text, make multiple tool websites on blogger tools blogger tool fancy fonts generator tool

45- Google Drive Direct Download Link Maker

Google Drive Direct Download Link Maker is a blogger tool that is used to generate direct download links for your files. Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services in the world. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free cloud storage to all account holders. The user can upload, store and share various types of files, including images, text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, video clips, pdf files, drawing files, and more.

46- Advance Meta Tag Generator

These meta tags are the hidden HTML code that is not visible to the human eye but is visible to search engines. The meta tags contain the description of the web page, the title of the web page, keywords, author name, document type, etc. Here I have created a free blogger tool that will help you to generate the meta tags for your blog. The script is in PHP and can be used in any browser and it will generate meta tags for you.

47- HTML Color Picker

Picking a color can be a difficult task. There are different methods to do this, but the easiest one is the HTML color picker. It allows you to click on a color and use it on your HTML page. This would be useful for sites that need to have different colors in the background or for links on your page.


48- Meme Maker

Create a meme maker tool that allows visitors to create memes that are saved on your site. Visitors should be able to upload images, add text, remove text, change text colors, etc. The script should save the memes in a database. Alternatively, use an existing meme maker tool and modify it to your needs.

Watch Full Video Tutorial Before Downloading & Using Script

How to make SEO tools website on Blogger?

Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger is a simple and clean coding blogger blog template, web 2.0 design, stylish icon-based, Adsense ready, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, footer columns, widgets ready, ads ready, drop-down menu, and more. blogger tool scripts theme is suitable for making SEO tools website on blogger. blogger tool scripts theme is the best choice for SEO tools bloggers to make SEO tools blog with Blogger. blogger tool scripts blog theme looks good with Font resizer.

By making SEO tools website on blogger using Blogger SEO Tools - Multi SEO Tools Script For Blogger you need to upload just 2 files

1- Template File
2- Tools File

Your website is ready within a minute and you can easily customize your SEO tools website by following the instructions in the above video tutorial.


During uploading the content file on your blogger some tool files may be crashed you need to refresh them, You see a folder named ' TOOL SCRIPTS CODES' in the script folder you download below, Check all of your tools one by one if any tool does not work properly copy the script code and paste it in the crashed tool post.



Click on subscribe to download button and download the script file after subscribing to our channel and then download the password.


If you found a problem in the template that comes with the script you can use a new template.


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