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Image to Base64 and Base64 to Image: This tutorial will help you to convert an image into a Base64 string and then back again to an image. This can be used to store binary images or even images with sensitive data into a URL-friendly format.

Image to Base 64 and Base 64 to Image: 
A base64 image is a data format that can store an image along with metadata such as title and description. This is useful for storing images in a format that can easily be transmitted and stored. To create a base64 image, you can use the base64_image filter. To create a base64 to image, you can use the base64_to_image filter.

When you want to convert an image to a base64 or base-64 encoded string, use the image2string API. The image2string API has two endpoints: one that returns a string representation of an image in base64 format, and one that returns a string representation of the same image in base64 format with line breaks converted to spaces. The image returned is a Base64Image object; you can use the object's API to manipulate the image as you would any other Base64Image object. For example, to return the same image directly from the API as shown below, use the following URL:
Compression is the process of reducing the amount of data needed to represent information. One common form of compression is to reduce the size of digital images. Images can be compressed by taking a large amount of data, such as an image, and reducing it to a smaller set of data, such as a set of numbers that can be used to recreate the image. Compression can also be used to reduce the size of digital images without reducing their resolution.