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CSS Minifier is a tool to reduce the size of your CSS files. It removes unneeded comments and white space and combines multiple rules into one. It can also be used to just remove useless code.
CSS Minifier is a command-line tool that generates CSS that is as close as possible to what you would write by hand. No Sass, no compiling, no configuration. Just write your CSS, Minifier generates readable, maintainable CSS. Minifier works best with a text editor and works in place.

Minifying CSS with CSSMinifier is a simple way to ensure your website is loading as fast as possible. CSSMinifier removes all extra, unneeded characters and comments so your CSS is as compact and unreadable as possible, while still being fully functional. Minifying CSS can have a dramatic impact on page speed. The fewer bytes needed to load your page, the faster it will load.

CSS minification is the process of removing content from a style sheet so that the file size is reduced. This can save precious bytes when uploaded to the web, resulting in faster page load times for your users. However, this can have some negative side effects on your content layout, so it’s important to know when and how to use minification.