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HEX Color Picker

HEX Color Picker

Bring color to your design projects with HEX’s Color Picker! Use it to select custom colors for text, background, and more. Just drag and drop your design element, and HEX will automatically generate the hex code. No more searching for the right color code!

HEX is a color picker for designers and front-end developers. It’s a modern color wheel that makes it easy to understand color relationships and use them to build better interfaces and apps. No need for RGB, CMYK, Pantone, or Munsell codes — HEX shows you the colors you need in their true form. HEX is easy to use, with a simple interface that shows you two colors next to each other on the wheel, so you can see the relationship between them at a glance.

HEX, or Hue, Saturation, and Lightness, is a color model used to represent the color of light. HEX colors are often represented with a six-digit number, like 00FF00 or FFAAA. But HEX isn't just for HTML and CSS. You can use HEX in JavaScript, too.

HEX color is a format that represents a color in 6 hexadecimal digits (two digits to the right of the decimal). This is a much more compact way to express a color than RGB, which requires 8 hex digits. For example, color #2196F4 is a much shorter way of writing the color “azure” than the original color name “#96FF4A,” which is the same color. This not only saves space, but it also makes it much easier to copy and paste a hex color than it is to copy and paste an RGB hex color.

HEX Color Picker lets you quickly select a color from a hex color code. No more having to remember RGB, CMYK, or HSV color codes. Just point, click and scroll through the color options to find a color you like. You can also use it to find the closest color to a color you picked.

What is HEX Color?

Hex color is something we use in web development that is very efficient, especially for graphics. It is basically a representation of a color that can be more detailed than the standard RGB or RGBa representation.

Hex color is a unique and powerful color system. Hex color offers a way to describe colors that are not in the natural color space of the human eye.
Hex colors are based on the RGB color model, but use a different color wheel. The red, green, and blue in the RGB color wheel are the same as red, green, and blue on the HSL color wheel.

This is a fun project to try out the color picker on the web. You can see it in action and save colors to your computer or phone.

This is a picker in a web app that lets you select and apply an RGBA color to a shape. The app and the picker are open source, and you can contribute to the development.