Image To Text & Text To Image Converter

This tool allows you to generate an image that represents the text you write. Then you can save the generated image and send it to someonem who will be able to reconvert it to text on this same page. Our tool allows a way of fitting a lot of text in a small image.

Encrypt Text To Image

Write something and click on Encrypt!

Or click to get some Lorem ipsum

Encrypt Now!

the image will appear in the below canvas, it's very small you'll have to right click and "save image as" to download the image

Right click on image to save

Decrypt Image To Text

UpLoad a PNG file created with this tool

How Encrypt Text Into an Image Works?

  1. Reads the original text
  2. Converts the text in Hexadecimal format and groups them by three letters
  3. Each group will be a color (example #B220FF)
  4. Draws each color as a single pixel on a canvas (this means that each pixel of the final image represents three letters)
  5. Exports the canvas image as a png file though the toImageData() method
  6. When decoding it does the exact opposite (duh?!)

Image To Text Converter

Have you ever wanted to turn a picture into a text document, or vice versa? Perhaps you wanted to extract text from an image, or perhaps you wanted to turn a text document into a picture. Well, today’s technology has advanced to the point where this is possible. In this article, I will be showing you how to use two apps to do just that!
Have you ever wished you could read text when it’s been converted into an image? Or perhaps you have an image that you would like to have converted into text so that you can share it with others. Image to text and text to image converter is an online tool that can help you to do both of these things and more. The platform is able to read text from images and turn them back into text, or it can turn text into images.
We are all familiar with images and text. You can find them on billboards, in newspapers, and on the internet. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes. But did you know that you can also use text and images together to convey a message?
Have you ever needed to convert an image to text or text to image? Perhaps you have a document you need to email to a friend who is visually impaired, or perhaps you have a lot of text and you want to show a friend a picture of what you are describing. Whatever the reason, Image to Text and Text to Image converters are incredibly useful tools to have in your pocket. In this article, I will be showing you how to use the free online image-to-text converter and text-to-image converter to do exactly this.
Have you ever wanted to convert a text image into text or an image into text? Well, now you can with Image to Text and Text to Image Converter! This web app is completely free and can be used by anyone and for any purpose. All you have to do is upload a text image or an image, and the app will convert it to text or image format.