The Economist - United States Edition Kindle Edition


The Economist - United States Edition Kindle Edition


The Economist - United States Edition Kindle Edition

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Editorial Evaluations

The Economist - US Version color Kindle edition is now available on the Kindle Reading App for your Android smartphone. Download issues from Archived Items for free.
The Economist is the leading source for global business and current affairs analysis, offering authoritative insight and opinion on international news, world politics, business, finance, science, and technology, as well as cultural trends overviews and regular Special reports on industries and countries.
The Economist, founded in 1843 to oppose protectionist corn laws, has remained committed to its founder's liberal beliefs in the second part of its second century.
James Wilson, a hat manufacturer from the small Scottish town of Hawick, believed in free trade, internationalism, and little government intervention, particularly in market matters. The Economist also takes a staunchly independent stance on social topics ranging from gay marriage to drug legalization, but its primary value to readers is as a global newspaper: to unearth fresh ideas from around the world.
The Economist Kindle Edition includes all of the articles and graphics available in the print edition, but not all of the images. Issues are wirelessly sent to your Kindle each Friday at the same time the print version hits newsstands for your convenience.

What is The Economist?

The Economist is a weekly British newspaper that was launched in 1843. It is one among the world's most widely read newspapers and is published in London. It discusses politics, business, science, the arts, and other topics. It has an independent editorial philosophy and is not linked with any political party.
The Economist is a British magazine that covers current events, news, and business. It is one of the world's oldest and most renowned journals, and it is known as a haven for the liberal elite. The Economist has traditionally championed free markets and defended private entrepreneurship. It has also been a vocal supporter of globalization and free trade, as well as a vocal opponent of protectionism and isolationism.
The Economist is a world-renowned business publication that provides context and clarity to topics affecting our lives and economy. We are a reliable source of professional commentary on economics, policy, geopolitics, and culture. Our work is approachable and informative without being superficial or simplistic. Our reporting has won accolades, gone viral, and been translated into languages we never imagined.
The Economist is a global journal that provides analysis and opinion on current events, politics, business, and other topics. Each week, The Economist publishes in-depth reporting and analysis on the world's most important stories, and subscribers receive the best of The Economist's award-winning journalism. The Economist is a useful resource for decision-makers, influencers, and the general public all across the world.