How to Improve Google Page Speed Insights & Website Page Speed Test

How to Improve Google Page Speed Insights & Website Page Speed Test

How to Improve Google Page Speed Insights & Website Page Speed Test?

In the year 2022 - 2023, fast speed is essential for your WordPress site. This is something that Google sees as real and also something that is very close to people.

What causes this?

We will learn how to Improve Website Page Speed Test & Google Pagespeed Insights and other website page speed insights in this post.

To begin with, site speed is an important component in Google's algorithm. Websites that load quickly will rank better in the SERPs and attract more visitors.

Second, there are all elements of the user experience to consider. When a website loads quickly, visitors are more likely to stay, read, and eventually convert your content. A flash-fast website opens up all the nice stuff that webmasters desire.

How to Improve Google Page Speed Insights and Website Page Speed Test?

Perhaps you don't believe this is crucial in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, it is most noticeable when attempting to quantify enhancements. Though you perform a website speed test wrong, your site may look slower even if it is actually quicker, so keep this in mind.

Today, we will go through how to do a website speed test in depth, as well as a number of elements you may use to evaluate the performance and monitor any changes to your site tangibly.

1. Examine each and every aspect

With this Site Google Page Speed Test, you know the amount and scale of your entire website elements, as well as the assignment of pictures, script files, CSS files, HTML files, and domains from which the elements emanate.

The waterfall report includes the URL, loading progress, request and response headers, and connection information for each item. You can identify slow-loading items, failed elements, and bottlenecks on your website, and you understand how to manage your performance budget.

2. Compare page performance across several browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

In comparison to Chrome, Firefox, and IE surfing page speed Insights, Chrome users still account for more than 66% of public browsing, while millions continue to use other browsers. Firefox and Internet Explorer account for almost 18% of the mobile consumer market. Make certain that all other users have a positive experience as well.

Many Website Test Companies employ the latest browser versions for website performance tests. Most other speed test services employ older browser models.

3. Run speed tests on your website from various places across the world.

With a free website account, you may choose from many places across the world on several website speed testers. Some sites scan locations in or around the city where your users live in order to collect performance data that represents your users' experiences. You must identify and fix latency issues affecting your users.

4. Check the speed of your mobile website.

Google is a web behemoth, and Google ranks mobile-friendly websites in mobile search, thus desktop apps are rendered obsolete by Web Web users. Select the size of the browser window used for testing and display the results load times. We have the most popular applications for your study.

5. Employ request and response headers

HTTP and HTTPs request and response headers provide a wealth of information that may be used to better understand certain restrictions. Look for them gradually or in undiscovered ingredients.

Before Conducting a Google Website Speed Test

As I indicated above, before doing a website performance test in Google Insights, you may check to see whether you have previously enabled two items on your WordPress site:

Make use of a professional caching plugin and a premium CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Use a WordPress Theme That Loads Quickly.
Select an SSD High-Speed Hosting Provider

Examine how a cache plugin will effect the performance of your website.

If you want to improve your site speed in Google PageSpeed Insights, you must utilise a cache plugin as a WordPress user to achieve the greatest site performance.

A cache plugin generates static HTML pages for your website and saves them to your file. Rather than employing relatively hefty WordPress PHP scripts, your caching plugins will use the lighter HTML tab whenever a user attempts to access your website.

You're probably wondering what the greatest cache plugin is for increasing your page speed in Google's eyes.

WP-Rocket Premium Cache Plugin is number one (Strongly Recommended)

Plugin WP-Rocket Premium Cache

Plugin WP-Rocket Premium Cache

WP Rocket is the most popular and well-known WordPress caching tool. WordPress experts regard it as the greatest caching tool. There was an error. WP Rocket caching guarantees that websites load rapidly, which is crucial for optimising SEO ranks and conversions.

Premium characteristics include:

  • Immediate Results, Minimal Configuration
  • Cache Preloading Static Files Page Caching Image Compression on Request Developer-Friendly Sitemap Preloading GZIP Compression
  • Optimization of Google Fonts
  • Concatenation / Minification
  • Compatibility across multiple sites
  • DNS Prefetching, Multilingual Support, and More...

WP Super Cache

(A Free WordPress Tool to Improve Google PageSpeed Insights)

Plugin WP-Rocket Premium Cache

WP Super Cache Plugin creates static HTML files for WordPress blogs. If an HTML file has already been prepared, your web server should handle it rather than managing the WordPress PHP scripts, which are both bulky and expensive. Upload. Upload.

99% of visitors are provided static markup files. A cached file can be used hundreds of times. Other visitors will likewise receive unique saved files connected to their visit. This information is displayed and preserved for you whether you are signed in or not.

WP Super Cache has the following features:

  • Basic caching
  • Rebuilding the cache
  • Pages should be compressed.
  • Additional homepage checks
  • Pages for known users should not be cached.

CDN support Make use of a Fast Loading Theme with SEO Optimization

When you choose a WordPress theme for your desired WordPress site, the skilled user takes note of various factors. One of the most popular and crucial characteristics is speed. Websites that take a long time to load do not appeal to anyone. A slow loading website results in a bad user experience. Visitors are unlikely to return to your website if it takes too long to load.

The site traffic makes no difference if most users have to wait for aeons for it to load and then click back in despair. That is why you should choose a lightweight WordPress theme.

Website Page Speed Test and Website Speed Optimization Tools List:

CodeOreo Website Speed Test Tool

This tool provides a scorecard for measuring how well web pages execute on different browsers and operating systems, based on how well they meet the rules of the PageSpeed Initiative. This tool also provides a transparent report of how well the rules conform to those on the page.
Site Speed is an important metric that impacts the user experience and how well a website is optimized for search. One of the most important metrics for telling if a website is performing well is the speed test result. In this test, we measure the time it takes for a website to load and how long it takes for a web page to start rendering.
CodeOreo Website Speed Test Tool will help you measure the performance of your website, The tool will simulate your experience on a 2G connection and a 3G connection, and then measure how long it takes to load the page, using your actual connection speed.

Emexee Website Speed Test Tool

Based on how well web pages follow the PageSpeed Initiative standards, this tool gives a scorecard for assessing how effectively they run on different browsers and operating systems. This application also generates a clear report on how well the rules match those on the page.
Site Speed is a critical measure that influences both the user experience and how effectively a website is optimized for search. The speed test result is one of the most essential criteria for determining whether or not a website is running effectively. We measure the time it takes for a website to load and for a web page to begin rendering in this test.
The emexee Website Speed Test Tool can assist you in determining the performance of your website.

PageSpeed Insights from Google (Check Web Speed Test)

You can simply test web page score with Google Pagespeed Test Insights and enhance your web development speed using Speed Test Insights.

This extension makes it simple to verify the PageSpeed score and provides access to the Insights interface for digging further into the data.

If you don't see the extension, it has most likely been upgraded to a newer version. In this instance, you might attempt one of the following:

1. Go to the Chrome extensions tab and choose "Actualize extensions now."

2. Uninstall from Chrome and reinstall from the Chrome Web Store


If you want to Test Site according to Google's eye, measure the loading speed on your mobile site and analyse the effect on visitors of loading time using ThinkWithGoogle.

Customers want mobile websites to load quickly. According to reports, 53% of smartphone sessions abandon a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Organizations can quickly test the mobile performance of their website, analyze the effect load time has on users, measure competitors, and receive a free tailored report with clear ideas for enhancing the speed of their website using "Measure My Page."

GTMetrix 3.0 (GT Metrix Website Speed Checker Tool)

Examine how your site works, identify why it is slow, and devise solutions to enhance it.

GTMetrix Website Speed Checker will test and monitor your page on a regular basis.

Set up a warning and get notified if your page fails.
In combination with a thorough report, we'll give you a warning to let you know what happened.

Examine your page with a genuine Android smartphone or one of more than 20 simulated app options.

Test your iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy / Note, and other commonly used smartphones for nexus/pixel phones, among other things.

Check your website at seven different worldwide test sites to ensure that it loads swiftly for all of your visitors throughout the world.

Get a thorough examination with:

Page Load Details for Waterfall, Video, and Report History (time, size, number of requests)
Options for Analyses
PageSpeed, YSlow, and Recommendations

Pingdom Speed Testing Tool

The Pingdom Speed Testing Tool monitors your website's uptime and results in an affordable and accurate manner.

Pingdom Speed Test Tool employs more than 70 worldwide polling stations to test and track our clients' websites around the clock.

Pingdom can help you improve end-user experiences by monitoring the uptime, performance, and interactions of your websites.

They developed this Speed Test Website to assist you in analyzing the load speed of your website.

The check aids in site speed by determining what is fast, slow, or too large on a website, among other things.

In a nutshell, it is a simple application developed to assist webmasters and web developers in improving the overall output of their websites.

Finally, in this post [Improve Website Page Speed Test & Google Pagespeed Insights], I will do my best to present you with both simple and complex suggestions to improve your WordPress speed. As a result, you must read attentively and follow the procedures in order to make your website quicker than your competitors in Google's eyes.

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