How To Remove Credit Links From Blogger Template?

Remove credit links from blogger template and stop redirecting

How To Remove Credit Links From Blogger Template?:

Remove the premium blogger template's footer credit without redirecting to another site.

If you're new to blogging and use Blogger's Blogspot as your blogging platform, you've probably considered choosing a premium template sans footer credits. So, if you want to use premium designs for free without having to pay for footer credits, you've come to the perfect spot.

How can we remove the Premium Blogger Template's Footer Credit? 

If you are a blogger and wish to install a paid edition of a template on your site, you will also have a problem with the theme's Footer Credit. Everything about the theme may be changed, save the theme's footer credit. The template's designer includes a link to his website in this template. By clicking the link, you will be sent to their official website.

A theme costs between $5 and $100, and there are several firms that sell their templates on the web. If you're just getting started with blogging, don't waste your money on a premium template. You'll constantly think to yourself, "If only I could get this theme for free." I, too, had pondered how to get a premium theme for free.

Some companies, such as CodeOreo Templates, EmeXee, Themeforest, and others, have large template markets where you may pay for any template.

Don't worry, I'll show you how to remove the footer credit from any premium blogger design. So, unwind and carefully read the entire content.

Actually, deleting footer credits from any premium blogger template is not a difficult operation; nevertheless, removing footer credits from the template causes the website to behave erratically and redirects to the developer's website.

So, in this post, we'll go through the simplest method for removing footer credits without diverting to another website.

Please keep in mind that this content is just for informative reasons. I would not propose removing the footer credits without the approval of the template's creator. We must recognize the developers' efforts.

Actually, the developer of the blogger premium template included some JavaScript code to prevent anyone from removing the footer credits on the free version. If the footer credits are removed, the site begins to behave erratically and redirects to the developer's main site.

In this post, I'll show you some code and tactics that will allow you to circumvent the developer's code and remove the footer credits. This is how you can get a free blogger premium template.

You don't need any programming abilities to use our codes and techniques; simply follow our instructions and it will only take 2 minutes to remove the blogger's premium templates footer credits.

How to Remove the Blogger Footer Credit

We recommend that you make a backup of your Blogger theme before deleting the footer credits. If you make a mistake, you may undo it by uploading a backup file.

01. Navigate to Blogger's dashboard >> Themes >> Edit HTML 
02. Press CTRL + F 
03. Click in between the HTML code.
When you hit CTRL + F, a search bar will display. In the search box, type Designed by or Created by and hit the Enter key.

How To Remove Credit Links From Blogger Template?

04. The footer credit code block may be seen in the image above. Simply place our code above and below the footer credit section code block. In the diagram below, we have labelled Code Lines 1, 2, and 3. Simply download our code file, copy the codes one by one, and put them into the appropriate locations.

How To Remove Credit Links From Blogger Template?

05- The code you need to paste in the Code Line - 1 is

<p> Copyright (c) 2021 <a href=''>YourSiteName</a> All Right Reserved</p>

06- In the Code Line - 2 you need to paste the code as follows

<div style='font-size:1px; opacity:0;'>

07- In the Code Line - 3 paste the following code


If you properly follow step 5, you will acquire Yourdomain and YourSiteName. Replace 'Yourdomain' with your own domain name and YourSiteName with your own site name in this section. That's all there is to it; you're done.


As a newbie, it's fine to download a free version of a blogger template and use it after removing the footer credit with our trick, but in the long run, we recommend purchasing a premium version of a blogger template because it provides lifetime updates, which is critical for SEO and site speed. To enable all of the features in your template, you must purchase the premium edition of the template, and with the premium version of the template, your post has a better chance of ranking in SERPs.

Even if you are only creating invisible copyrights in the example above, you can do more.

Blogger's author link has been deleted.

Are you still unable to conceal or delete credit links? Let me attempt a couple more procedures to repair this hack.

Add a class name 'copy-hide' to the copyright div, as seen below; alternative class or id names may be used depending on the template. Make the necessary adjustments.

For example, I obtained a template with the footer id 'copyrightslink':

<div id="copyrightslink' class='copy-hide'

and add below JavaScript function in your script area

$('.copy-hide').css('width', '0');
$('<div class="copyrights"> Designed By: <a href="#"> Your Name </a> </div>').insertAfter('.copy-hide');

You can also try for the most working script to hide credit link:

setTimeout(function(){$('.ty_footer_copyright').css('height', '0').css('font-size', '0'); $(' Copyrights My Website ').insertAfter('.cpleft');},200);

Change URL and name as you want.

Cheers ! Now you can successfully hide the credit link.