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Usually when a new offering comes out, the developer creates an excessively wordy sales page that I personally resent having to wade through. When I first was invited to the Micro Niche Finder web site, I expected more of the same. I have always wondered why merchants feel the necessity to create a false sense of value in their product by high pressure hype. This isn't to say that there is anything wrong with being excited about an offering - as long as it does what it purports to do.

The author of the MicroNicheFinder keyword analysis tool (Now in version 5)  is obviously excited about this internet niche marketing software product, but not to the point of unrealistic jabbering. It was a pleasant surprise to see a clear, concise website explaining the product, now in it's fifth version, which was just released in April, 2011 and updated again in June.  Micro Niche Finder has an up-beat sales page, but it's fairly succinct and the developer uses substantiated facts to get your attention, rather than inflated or fabricated data. He adds a nice touch with a short video showing the basic operation of the software, and gives you a couple of examples on how to use a product that has already gained a great deal of attention by affiliate marketing gurus around the web.

If you would prefer to watch a video tutorial on this internet niche marketing software product instead of reading this review.

This particular keyword analysis tool has some very interesting ways of finding niche markets that utilize long tail keywords. If you have done any of your homework, you already realize that the "Long Tail" is the future for maximizing specific and targeted traffic. The developer of Micro Niche Finder makes it clear that this is the ultimate objective of this software.

Internet niche marketing software abounds on the web, and much of those offerings are pretty decent at helping you find niche markets, but they require a few extra steps and a little chasing around to get to the data you're after. This is the main area where MicroNicheFinder arguably excels above all the others - by adding an all inclusive array of tools to complete your niche market research. It's not only good for finding brand new niche markets. We have used the software to find extra keywords for already existing websites in order to ramp up our article databases on those sites. Unique articles with unique long tail keywords on already existing sites can really boost your traffic.

Whether you are looking for a new niche, or a new topic to write on, Micro Niche Finder will open previously unknown niche market jewels. Simply enter a subject of interest in the search box, click and the software quickly locates a spectrum of keyword phrases that revolve around your chosen subject. The phrases returned from your search are the famed "Long Tail Keywords" for the subject you are researching. This is where profitable niche markets are hiding.

It then gives you all the data, such as monthly searches and how much competition there is for each new phrase that it has suggested. You can also click on the “SOC” (Strength of Competition) and look at few pertinent pieces of data that describes things like whether or not the keyword phrase is in the title, or in the the URL, or if the exact title is used in anchor text of other websites. Not only this but it tells you exactly how many times each of these three bits of data appears on other people's websites with an exact, quantifiable number. Using this information, Micro Niche Finder performs a set of calculations which reveals how likely it is for you to dominate a given market. You can see a  videos of this capability along with a few other various uses by clicking here

The software comes with a several other helpful tools to assist you with your workload, such as a domain name research tool, where all you have to do is click on the long tail keyword of interest, select Domain Research and it automatically searches for domains to see if the chosen keyword can be used as a domain name. I have already used this aspect of the tool many times, and it works splendidly. 

Another very important aspect from my point of view, is how often a software product is updated, and how much effort the development team puts into improvements. We have been using Micro Niche Finder since version 2, and have seen steady improvements and support from the beginning - and not just mediocre upgrades, but many useful tools have been added that builds real value into the product.

With MicroNicheFinder, It takes very little time to get a quick overview of what is happening in the search world of a particular Niche Market topic, and this gives a distinct advantage over many of the other internet niche marketing products on the market. If you are an avid niche hunter, or need to get some fresh new traffic to your sites with some unique keyword saturated articles, this software is definitely worth a look.

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