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You need a lot of traffic to be a successful AdSense publisher, but you also need that audience to interact with the advertisements that are displayed on your site.

The AdSense CPC you receive will be determined on the topics you write about.

In the blogging industry, you can either publish posts that compete for hits that pay a few pennies or you can be strategic and write material that pays large amounts.

If you want to make money online using AdSense and establish a profitable business, I recommend focusing on these high-paying keywords and sectors.

  1. Insurance $61 CPC
  2. Gas/Electricity $58 CPC
  3. Loans $50 CPC
  4. Mortgage $46 CPC
  5. Attorney $48 CPC
  6. Lawyer $42 CPC
  7. Donate $42 CPC
  8. Conference Call $42 CPC
  9. Degree $40 CPC
  10. Credit $38 CPC

Why are these AdSense keywords so lucrative?

Because the firms behind the commercials appreciate their customers and can afford to spend a few hundred dollars to recruit them. Everything comes down to their business economics.

So, how can you profit from this information and earn thousands of dollars every month?
Let's look at a hypothetical case.

You'll note that insurance-related blogs have a high CPC.
You then conduct some keyword research and discover that "auto insurance firms" pays rather nicely.
You get to write the finest post you possibly can about auto insurance providers.
With great on-page SEO, you can rank your blog article high on Google, generate a lot of high-quality organic traffic to your site, and then monetize into additional AdSense cash.